Ultima V Challenge Home Page

FINALLY AN UPDATE, VW won the Ultima V competition in the first week of September 2007. Vorpal was a witness to the festivities as VW retrieved Lord British's stupid sandal box and defeated the trickeries of Mount Doom to WINNNNNN! Here thou may readeth the chronicles of Gandalf aka VW, Gandalf's brother and Vorpal, adventurers who are daring to defeat the mammoth game of Ultima V. Gandalf's brother has an old score to settle with Ultima V as almost 20 years ago he was stopped on the verge of victory after an unfortunate Coke accident. Gandalf is so cool he is even doing the game on an Atari ST for maximum old school points.

The Journal of VW

Today we finally found the mother lode maze within dungeon Hythloth. It was not easy and the maze itself is proving quite difficult. We found a treasure room but can't figure how to escape it. Gandalf as always is leading the way and is an inspiration to one and all. Shamino is reported to be in deep trouble with Gandalf as he is completely worthless and is rumored to be on the chopping block and exchanged for Dupre as soon as circumstances permit. "I forgot how difficult Ulteema dungeons were," said Gandalf, "truly Ulteemas are a true taste of video mettle."
Damn we rule! Using great cunning we will not detail here in order to conceal it from competitors, we stole Lord British's crown from well let's say the place where it was held to end a great day. In this same unnamed place, we also tricked an idiot into giving us a word of power so it was a great day. To make the day even better, we got a visit from Lord British who raised me to level 5 and the lowly Jaana to level 3.
We celebrated with a leg of the Moonglow restaurant's finest mutton and stocked up on reagents now that we're rich enough and are high enough level to start messing with spells more. We think we rule so much we shalt venture into the Underworld next in search of shards, despite the fact that Mariah warned us it was scary. We'll bring her into the party reeeeeeal soon.