Note that all laserdiscs can be easily recorded to DVD for trading, as far as I know all laserdiscs listed below are currently out of print in any format

"Digital Lambs in Dortmund" Dortmund, Germany 1975 - 2 CD Aud A+
Montreal 4-21-1974 2 CD SB
Syria Mosque Pittsburgh 1976 2 CD SB
Los Endos - "Bills" Germany 1976 2 CDs(original pressing) Aud
"Before Riches" Earl's Court 1977 (I only have disc 1 of the 2 CDs) SB
"Follow You Follow Me", Uptown Theater, Chicago 1978 2 CD (original pressing) SB
"Musica" London 1980 2 CD SB
Mama Tour laserdisc
several GMDVDs, I am not sure if they want them to be traded or for people to go through their reweeding deal

Iron Maiden - "Maiden Ipswitch" 1983 2 CD Aud

Judas Priest - "The Damage is Done" Los Angeles 1990 1 CD SB

Pink Floyd
"Dark Night in London" 1973 1 CD SB
"In the Flesh" Oakland 1977 2 CD audience but outstanding
several copies of the Wall live including video from Earl's Court (2 DVD/CD)
Roger Waters Live in Quebec 1987 1 CD SB
Delicate Sound of Thunder laserdisc

Rush (I have more but these are the best sounding or most historically interesting)
"Electric Ladyland" New York 1974 1 CD
"Stainless Steel" Illinois 1975 1 CD
Capital Theater, NJ 1976 1 DVD
"Celebreate the Eve of New Wave" Manchester, England 1977 1 CD (original Pressing)
Black Forest, Germany 1978 2 CD
"Black Hole of Cygnus X-1" Tucson AZ 1978 2 CD (original pressing)
"Spirit of St. Louis" 1980 1 CD (original pressing)
"The 3 magicians" Dallas 1980 2 CD (original pressing)
"Exit Stage Right", Hartford 1981 2 CD
Exit Stage Left laserdisc
"Signals in London" London 1982 2 CD
Grace Under Pressure laserdisc
"Diamonds in the Waste", Milwaukee 1986 1 CD (original pressing)
"Mystic Dreams" Philadelphia 1986 1 CD
A Show of Hands laserdisc
"Mirrors" Oakland 1992 2 CD
"Animated" Toronto 1994 2 CD
"Majestic Symphonies" Detroit 2 CD (original pressing, I also have a good 2 DVD video of this show)
Vancouver 1996 3 CD I was there
Albany, NY 1996 180 min VHS

For the real fanatic, I am currently working on transferring several Rockline radio shows from the '70s and '80s onto CD from my ancient tapes that I recently found.